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“We work with clients at every stage, from those just starting their digital marketing efforts to those whose ongoing programs need a fresh burst of energy. This means that Stagecoach is in a constant state of innovation—and that all our clients benefit from the new discoveries we’re making all the time.” 

—Jacob Colie, Senior Strategist & Founder

Jacob at a soccer game

"Some clients expect a long and painful learning curve as their programs get up and running. We've mastered a set of processes that let us start much farther along on that curve. That means you get faster results and greater returns." — Stephen Dybas, Marketing Director

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Mike running through a cornfield
Chris drinking coffee

"We see design as an opportunity for inventive problem-solving: through visual solutions, we take on the challenges your business has today, and we anticipate what your organization will need in the future. Our designs build on the strengths of your brand, and create a user experience that nurtures recognition and loyalty." — Mike Balzano, Creative Director

Julie by a mural

"There's nothing like the feeling of knowing we got it right: We spoke for your mission in a way that made people care. I'm inspired by the passion our clients have for their causes, and I'm excited every day that I get to help them make a difference." — Julie Robichaux, Senior Strategist & Copywriter

Stephen and Chris at work
Mike at work in a red velvet cocoon

"Some agencies look at the resources a nonprofit has to work with and say, 'Sorry, we can't.' Our attitude instead is, 'I wonder how we can.' It's a mindset that leads to truly inventive technical solutions. The result: smart systems that not only work today but foster future growth." — Chris Riddell, Technology Director

Jacob shaking hands with a client

"We recognize it's not enough to know what nonprofits are doing; we have to be aware of what everyone is doing. We use these insights to develop programs that are relevant: to your brand, to your cause, and to the entire online sphere. We look beyond the simple sum of a client's parts, and support your mission by reflecting what makes your organization special.." — Ryan Bahan, Content Strategist

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