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Year-end Email Marketing Fundraising Campaign

With over 500 U.S. chapters & 1,000,000 email subscribers, The National Audubon Society is one of America’s oldest and most well-respected environmental nonprofits.

Since its incorporation in 1905, Audubon has played a key role in advocating for protective legislation, aiding in relief efforts, and preserving migratory flyways for birds. 


Standing Up For Birds

Built upon a strong foundation of engagement and dedicated membership, Audubon presented us with a unique challenge: Drive a substantial increase in online donations to support essential climate change and conservation efforts.


Here's How We Did It

We worked closely with Audubon to manage their audience's peak engagement cycles, and accordingly built a year-end email campaign that maximized their highest-opportunity giving moments with innovative content & a frictionless donation platform.

First, we generated peak engagement in October by creating a comic series which narrated some of Audubon's greatest triumphs, illustrated by award-winning cartoonist James Kochalka. 

Then, we converted engaged clickers into contributors with a mix of donation matches & eCommerce offers that highlighted the central role Audubon’s supporters had in environmental conservation efforts.

Our conversion strategy included targeted content based on audience behavior, and featured an integrated donation system that made contributions simple & painless. 

Finally, we migrated Audubon to EveryAction’s CRM, which provided them with a comprehensive project management tool that complimented their needs and modernized their workflow.


The Result

Our robust year-end campaign featured 263 emails that targeted 9 unique demographics with extraordinary reach & scale. 

By creating dynamic content for each audience segment & populating emails with a simple, integrated donation system, we increased Audubon’s email marketing contributions by over 25% in 2016.

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