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As the need for global humanitarian efforts continues to grow, Catholic Relief Services carries out the ever-essential commitment of the U.S. Conference of Bishops to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas.

Currently operating in 93 countries, CRS works to preserve and uphold the dignity of all human life, foster charity and justice, and assist people on the basis of need - not creed, race or nationality.


Creating Global Solidarity

CRS are transforming how they engage with their youth audience, and wanted to implement an innovative rebrand that compelled young adults to become more proactive members of their churches & communities.


Here's How We Did It

We helped CRS to fully realize their goals of extended youth engagement through a pioneering brand overhaul, which included three comprehensive websites tailored to their distinct educational sectors: high school, college, and general education.

Each CRS site was developed with Drupal on a custom UX modular library, and was designed for maximum responsiveness, meaningful user experience, & powerful traffic generation.


The Result

We empowered CRS to direct focus on each element of their youth programs by building cause-specific websites for their targeted demographics, and created remarkable lead generation opportunities where their youth audience is most active.

Each site put spotlight on the incredible free resources, educational programs, relief efforts, and outreach made possible by CRS’s worldwide community.

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